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Today is Monday, May 29, 2017



I'm so excited to announce I now have prints available for purchase.
Available in two sizes, framed or unframed.
The 8" x 10" prints are on medium card stock with a matte finish.
Pitbull Mandala design are hand singed and numbered to a set of 10.
the 6"x 4" prints are on semi gloss photo stock.
Both prints are scanned from original art at 11" x 15"

Pitbull Mandala
8/10 unframed $20 - Framed $50
6/4 unframed $7 - Framed $10

8/10 unframed $15 - Framed $40
6/4 unframed $7 - Framed $10


Garage Mandala


Had a bit of fun up north this month painting a Mandala on the back of a friends garage. Here's some progress shots and the finished product. I plan to go back and add more to it at some point as well.

I'd love to do more like this, if you have a garage you want painted get in touch at tuffytats@gmail.com

Prices start at $500 per side. (materials included)







I got to do a display stand for the Tate group. it will serve as a demo table for Boundless Brooklyn products such as the billboard and water tower model kits.
you can find Boundless Brooklyn here and the Tate group here




This years mural season got a great start with Wallnoize. A group of graffit artists gathered at the Bloor and Perth underpass to revitalize another structure in the community. I painted a Japanese themed mural with a Peony and Snake. I always enjoy painting tattoo subject matter whenever I can, so this was a blast to create on my day off.

Heres the complete mural, and some action and progress shots from the 2 day event.


Omenfest x Horus


my Good friend Omen from Montreal was in Toronto this month working on a massive mural out at Warden station in Scarborough. Themed around the historical munitions factory and local rail history of the area. I came in about halfway through to work on the buildings, lettering and background. 

Was really great to spend time with Omen and to get to watch him work..I'm sure we will collaborate again sometime.
Check out his site Omen514.com, follow him on instagram @omen514 and on facebook
(dont forget my facebook is here:Horus and my instagram is @tuffytats)

 here's the final shots ive patched together...
click for larger

click for larger

click for larger

click for larger


Converse Mural - Queen St. W - 2014


Latest Mural completed this week.
Converse chuck taylors was the client, mural is located at Queen and Soho, in the heart of toronto's downtown.
Created by a team of 5 artists over a 1 week period.
Marketing agency provided the creative art direction, and the artists reproduced with within a margin of realism required.

Creative(grid is for internal use)
client required imagery

Final mural:

I worked on various parts of the mural and was focused mainly on the shoes


Primal Attitude / Sullen Canada -Window displays


This week I was lucky enough to get to spraypaint the window displays for Primal Attitude's new retail location in Oshawa. This will also be the headquarters for Sullen's canadian distrubution.
Check them out online here: http://primalattitude.com/
and:  http://www.sullenclothing.com/

Primal Attitude
splash for behind the counter area.

Sullen badge, window display
Sullen Badge mural

outside view
external view


handpainted sullen lettering
Sullen handpainted lettering detail

mural detail

Bio Mech window display for Primal Attitude
2nd Window, Primal Attitude -bio Mech theme.

2nd window external
external view

bio mech detail

and this little flash inspired piece sits in the changeroom.

Pretty excxited about this project as Sullen is an awesomme label in the tattoo community and is very focused around artists and their work.
The Store opens in April!
8 Simcoe st. N Oshawa, Ont. Canada.


Some new graffito's


Been ages since I updated..here's a few new walls from 2013.
located along the bike trail near the dundas west go train line.
Alley leading to Trinity Bellwoods park  (Dundas/Grace)


in stock artwork Jan.2013


I've had a few people ask me what art work I have available, so here's an updated list.
-there's actually a few more coming back from a display next week so this will get updated again very soon.

Acrylic on Canvas -  6x24  -  $150   

Acrylic on Canvas -  6"x24"  -  $150

$300 acrylic... Size 24inches x 36inches. fierce and mighty Size 24" x 36" "fierce and mighty"  $250

Mixed media on wood, 10"x12"  $80

spraypaint, acrylic and pencil on canvas, 12" x 36". "unfinished vixxxen"

acrylics on wood, 6"x12"  $50

acrylics on wood, 6"x12"  $50

spraypaint and acrylics on canvas 6 inches x 3 feet. "Fudo Sword"

Acrylics on canvas 3 feet sqaure. "Los Otros"  $300